Hello, Monday! Darcy RogersSpring in New York City captures a sunlit, natural sanctuary in the city. With no sign of skyscrapers or bustling city sidewalks, you might never guess that they were taken in the most populous United States city.




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Andre Elliot, ‘Acoluthic Redux’ Series, In Progress

 ac-o-lu-thic, adjective \¦a-kə-¦lü-thik\

Following immediately (as a visual afterimage) upon the primary activity aroused by a stimulus. Origin: Greek, akolouthos

Andre Elliot is 19 year old photographer from Elk Grove, California. He shoots using  a Nikon D5100 for digital shots & a Nikon F5, Canon AE-1 or expired disposable Kodaks for 35mm film. 

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